Tried & loved: Baked lemon pasta

Pasta is the perfect answer when looking for a hearty dinner that is easy on the pocket book.

But noodles (or nee-curdles as my lovely niece used to say) plain or with tomato sauce can get boring pretty fast.

Cue lemons. And parmesan. Such a lovely combination. And add in some sour cream to make the pasta super creamy with a slight tang? I’m in.

Get the baked lemon pasta from the Pioneer Woman herself >> HERE.


With all these lovely ingredients, that you can buy for less than $10, who wouldn’t want to try this recipe?


I was so so so scared of the sour cream. Not sure why. I guess it just seemed odd to add to pasta. I thought about using greek yogurt instead. I still might try that. But, I wanted to try the original pasta. And trust me it is yummy.


You see, all that creamy sour cream melds the pasta and lemon together. Make sure to not go light on the lemon. I zested and juiced two lemons into my pasta rather than just one. Maybe I’m nuts. I dunno – but I loved it.

IMG_0977I minced some parsley out of my garden as the topper, also the herb of choice for Mrs. Pioneer. I think some lemon basil would also be lovely on top. Or thyme. Really any Italian-leaning herb would do.

Let me know if you also try this recipe. And, as always, please let me know if you have a favorite recipe we should share for other moms and dads to try!


Sonya Quick

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