Hatch, tomato & herb salsa

Salsa lovers all have personal preferences.

Some like chunks of tomatoes and onions, others a puree. Some like it hot and some like it mild.

I’m somewhere in between. I’d like a little spice, but not too much. Enough texture to taste each bit, but not chunky.

So we’ll just call this my personal goldilocks of salsas. You may like it a little hotter, a little chunkier or with a  specific pepper. Feel free to mix it up.


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Vanilla-rose tapioca pudding

This recipe isn’t just about making something. It’s about an experience I hope you’ll have.

Afternoon tea.

No, it doesn’t have to include hot tea. The whole purpose is to sit and take a brief respite from the day’s work. It’s about taking some time for yourself (whatever you can spare, most of the time I take a moment while Jack is napping).

Grab a glass of something: hot or cold tea, coffee, wine, beer, water. And maybe grab a small bite of something. Just a little something sweet or savory. You can use this time to sit outside and take in the world, check in on your tasks list, read or write.

I’ll be posting lots of my favorite little tea-time edibles in the coming months. But let me start with something sweet and simple.

Vanilla-rose tapioca pudding.


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