Eat your Brussels sprouts! In pizza

People love to hate on Brussels sprouts.

Green and usually steamed, these healthy veggies are a common reminder of “finish your plate” battles between parents and kids.

But these green things are healthy, offering in one serving 125 percent of one’s vitamin C daily needs and 195 percent of the vitamin K daily amount.

But how can you get kids to eat these if most adults won’t eat them willingly?

One word: pizza.


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How to plan a vegetarian dinner

This by far is the most common question I get about being a vegetarian, of course after they ask why I gave up meat. Well, moral, health and sustainability are the answers to why I gave up meat. So, here goes an answer to the other question.

What to make for dinner.

Most meat-eaters I talk to say they begin plans for supper thinking about what meat will take the stage. Chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc. Then they think about what seasoning they’ll add. Finally, they’ll think of a side or two to accompany the meat.

And yes, if that’s your every day planning a meal without meat sounds crazy insane. But it just isn’t so.

Some veggies could indeed still plan around a protein source. I begin my planning with either a dish type or a key ingredient.

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Hello world, here’s why I’m starting a cooking blog

My little Jack and I, taken in spring 2014.
My little Jack and I, taken in spring 2014. Photo by Jack & Lola Photography

We moms have a lot on our plate. Changing diapers, getting everyone dressed, taking kids to lessons, negotiating naps and working all piles up fast. And by dinner time not only are you left with little energy from what sleep you got last night, but you just have no clue what to put on the table.

I’d like to do what I can to help. No, I’m not coming over to help with the chores (I have enough here, especially with no dishwasher). I’m here to see what help I can provide in advice, recipes and links that will help you know what to make for dinner. And at that, a dinner that you can afford, that you can make in a reasonable amount of time and that (maybe) everyone will eat.

I’m no professional chef, but I am a mom who cooks all the time. On days when I’m not working, I (usually) cook all three meals a day. Besides this new blog venture, I am a monthly columnist for OC Family magazine and on weekends I work at Sur La Table (this blog is in no way affiliated with either of those things).

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