Watermelon-pineapple pico de gallo

While the northeast is doused in snow and ice, this pocket of the southwest has been showered in sunlight. Yes, 80-degree weather in the middle of February. Life ain’t bad.

And that means a respite from hearty soups, tummy-warming pasta and layered casseroles.

I’ve had the Pioneer Woman watermelon pico de gallo recipe saved for months. Just haven’t felt it was the right time to make it. Plus, I knew I wanted to modify it a bit to make it toddler-worthy (no peppers).

While this one is both child-safe without spice and it gives a taste of the islands, with the adding of some orange and pineapple.



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Vegetable tortilla soup

Isn’t tortilla soup one of the best things ever? Warm soup with what is practically nachos piled on top?

But us veggies get left out a little bit. Everywhere you look there’s chicken tortilla soup. And the recipes just don’t work in the taste or nutrient areas without the chicken. So I made my own.


I’ve been experimenting over the years with trying to make a yummy tortilla soup. They always tasted too bright, without enough savor. Too watery. Too much like tomato-lime broth over nachos.

Until I found the right additions: zucchini and black beans.


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