Tip: How snacks can save dinner

Does your tot complain about being hungry when you’re furiously rushing to finish dinner?

Well mine does sometimes. And I’m here to tell you my little secret.

A healthy taste of cheese can whet his appetite, buying me about the 10-20 minutes I sometimes need to finish cooking.


You see, part of the issue lies with toddler appetites. It’s perfectly normal for them to eat everything in sight for one meal and nibble like a mouse the next.

And while I limit snacking between meals, if my son is suddenly extra hungry for dinner a small snack may even help him eat a better dinner. Sometimes kids can get SO hungry that their blood sugar gets low and their emotions get out of whack.

While I employ this pre-meal snack at home sometimes, I try to always bring a healthy bite of food for my son when going out to eat. Once he sees the restaurant he thinks the waiter should instantly bring over a plate full of food. And explaining that he can’t eat right away doesn’t exactly work with a toddler.

Other regular snacks around here include: blueberries, bananas, an apple, Annie’s gummy bunnies and whole-grain cereal.


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